Journey to Sundance’                                                                              

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They’re off to see the Wizard...

Hollywood Filmmakers presents... a film by Julian Starks



There has been great debate and arguments for nearly 20 years among and around Hollywood, centering on Independent Film. From Miramax and the Weinstein’s to the Studios to the "little guys" to Sundance, the questions rage on. Who was responsible for the renaissance of non-studio movies? Has the Sundance Film Festival become too influenced by the Studios? How does the "little guy" who's made a movie break into what seems to be a closed system even for indie film?

Enter a team of three neophyte filmmakers -- Julian Starks, Jennifer Sorenson and Bill Jacobson -- who embark on a five-year rollercoaster of a ride to find the answer to the two decades old debate: What is Independent Film?

Against the backdrop of the Sundance Film Festival and the yearly pilgrimage of producers, directors, industry "suits" and Hollywood wannabes, these filmmakers and their cameras journey for the answers. They trek to the festival each January for five years, and in their search of the original question, each of them is forced to face the issues -- and demons -- that plague any indie film.

Whether it's lack of money, lack of time, unexpected losses or disintegrating relationships, this grueling journey takes its toll on these three filmmakers, who ultimately refuse to give up on their quest. Passion? Obsession? Stupidity? Insanity? Are these the qualities that help define Independent Film? "Journey to Sundance" tackles these questions straight on, with humor, honesty, poignancy and resolve.

Trailer edited by Kevin Okuhara

Trailer - 2:35

Julian Starks - Director/Producer

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